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The banana plant is a huge lasting herb with leaf sheaths that frame trunk-like pseudostems. The plant has 8 – 12 surrenders that are over to 9 ft long and 2 ft wide. Root improvement might be broad in free soil now and again up to 30 ft horizontally. Other plant depictions shift, it relies on upon the assortment.

Bloom improvement is started from the genuine stem underground (corm) 9 – 12 months subsequent to planting. The inflorescence (bloom stalk) becomes through the focal point of the pseudostem. Blooms create in groups and winding around the principle pivot. In many cultivars, the female blossoms are trailed by a couple “hands” of neuter blooms that have prematurely ended ovaries and stamens. The neuter blossoms are taken after at the terminal closures by male blooms encased in bracts. The male blooms have practical stamens however prematurely ended ovaries.

Natural products full grown in around 60 – 90 days after blossoms first show up. Every bundle of organic products comprises of variable quantities of “hands” along a focal stem. Every “hand” comprises of two transverse lines of organic products (“fingers”).

The natural product quality is dictated by size (finger length and thickness), equality of aging, flexibility from flaws and deserts, and the game plan of the groups. Quality benchmarks might contrast in different markets.